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Carlos de los Heros

I am an experimental particle physicist with interest in Astroparticle physics and searches for dark matter in particular. I am a member of the IceCube collaboration and lead of the dark matter working group. I am associate professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Uppsala University.

Joakim Edsjö

I am a professor in theoretical physics working at the Oskar Klein Centre at Stockholm University. I am interested in various ways to search for dark matter and have focused mainly on indirect searches. I am also interested in the way dark matter is distributed and on various particle physics models for dark matter. I am also one of the authors of the computer code DarkSUSY.

Steve Giddings

I am a faculty member in the UCSB Physics Department, and in addition to the phenomenology of the electroweak scale, am interested in various aspects of quantum gravity, particularly black holes and inflationary cosmology. Much of my recent work has been on the question of the unitarization of high-energy gravitational scattering (the black hole information problem), but I am actively interested in aspects of Higgs physics and the question of naturalness, and have recently worked on probing possible extra electroweak states that might couple to the Higgs.

Roberto Trotta

I am a theoretical cosmologist in the Astrophysics group at Imperial College London (and member of the Imperial Centre for Inference and Cosmology). In recent years, I have been interested in developing and applying novel (mostly Bayesian) statistical methods for the analysis and interpretation of cosmological and astroparticle physics data. I am one of the developers of the SuperBayes code for the analysis of SUSY models in the 'global fits' framework. I am interested in dark matter, dark energy and the early Universe. I am a member of the Euclid Consortium and of the DARWIN project.

Felix Yu

I am a research associate at Fermilab in the particle theory group. I work on beyond the Standard Model collider phenomenology, dark matter model building, and flavor physics. My current research encompasses exotic Higgs decay channels, BSM dijet resonances, CP violation in Higgs physics, non-standard WIMP phenomenology, and extended Higgs sector phenomenology. I have also worked on SUSY breaking models, neutrino model building, and lepton flavor violation phenomenology.