Dmatter13+LHC13 soccer team

Please sign up below if you want to play in the soccer match (that's football if you are non-American) on May 1st:

1. Gianfranco Bertone (quarterback)
2. Alessandro Cuoco (defender)
3. Felix Yu
4. Mike Kuhlen
5. Charlotte Strege (defender)
6. Miguel Pato (whatever)
7. Alejandro Ibarra (reserve player)
8. Ian Shoemaker (not goalkeeper)
9. Meng Su
10. Doug Spolyar
11. Joe Silk (at 68% CL)
12. Anna Nierenberg (forward)
13. Brando Bellazzini (midfielder)
14. Joakim Edsjö (reserve player...)
15. Christoph Weniger (defender)
16. Aaron Pierce